Samanta Malavasi (b. 1973) is an contemporary painter and illustrator based out of Reggio Emilia, Italy. She earned her degree Fine Art Accademy in Bologna, Italy. She divides her time working out of her studio in Reggio Emilia and participating in exhibitions in Europe and the United States, teaching art in schools, and painting clothes for fashion.
Malavasi is known for her pop color palette, her digital portraiture and the intensity of movement within each piece. As an artist, she is keen on expressionism, using his work as a window on a always change, looking for a new life for her artworks, trought her portraits on plexiglas, which that allows a double reading of his double-sided works.



There is a sense of emotion in Samanta Malavasi, who explores, thank to her job, people’s psychology through the faces in the world.
It is not a case that she has chosen to use Plexiglass for her works, a transparent, impalpable, crystalline material that allows her to go over the single face to embrace through its transparency all the characters that she has painted.
Inspired by people, colours, cities and fashion, Malavasi has a natural connection with the present society and its contemporary inhabitants.
Her modern hand is an assembly of nature and artifice, texture and colour, graphic art and painting. It connotes the characters and the personalities of its inhabitants.
Known for her bright colours in geometrical shapes, Samanta Malavasi distills the emotion of painting of the graphic art by creating abstract, geometrical compositions, with a brave and very personal vision in the portraits, a collage of graphic arts and the physical mark of acrylic.
The unconventional portraits of Samanta, a mix of digital shapes pervaded by the bursting strength of acrylic, are realized in transparent plexiglass, allowing to appreciate the painting from every spatial perspective, just as the real personality of the subjects; looking over the threshold that separate the appearances from the reality, brings out their real identity.
Malavasi chose a modern, transparent, versatile support as plexiglass, that allows a double reading of the works: on one side the appearance of the digital reproduction and on the other side the manual intervention, to define the right trait to the meaning of the images.



2000 – June: Academy of Fine Arts; Bologna Italy. Installation of Arte Povera
2001 – July: Art Expo, collective art exposition. Installation: “Between Nature and Artifice”, exhibition of art, Sassuolo, Modena, Italy.
2013 – April: Prize Italian Illustrators Annual, Venice 2013, Italy
2015 – May: project “8 boxes for 8 artists” for Podere Francesco Winery, group exhibition, European Photography in Reggio Emila, Italy.
2016 – September: ”Vedere Oltre” solo exhibition, Pienza, Fabbriceria della Cattedrale, Tuscany, Italy
2016 – October – “Art Project”,  group exhibition “Mentana Gallery” Florence, Tuscany , Italy.
2016 – December – “The charm of the Image” group exhibition, Merlino Art Gallery,Tuscany, Italy.
2017 – January – “Sign, Action, Matter” group exhibition, Merlino Art Gallery, Tuscany, Italy.
2017 – April – “The sweet life” International Art Expo, Flyer Art Gallery, Rome, Italy.
2017 – April -” The Art Ways” group exhibition, The Crypt Gallery, London, UK.
2017 – May – “Vedere Oltre”, Solo Exhibition, Oro Nero Creazioni, Modena , Italy.
2017 – June – “World Wide Art Show” group exhibition, Caelum Gallery, New York City.
 2017 – September – “Black and White”, Solo Exhibition, Oro Nero Creazioni, Modena , Italy.
2017 – September – “Vedere Oltre”, Solo Exhibition, Green Go Kitchen, Sassuolo , Italy.