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I’m transparent, I want to see beyond what I’m looking at.


Samanta Malavasi (*1973), was born and grow up in Carpi, (MO), Italy. Living and working between Berlin, Germany and Modena, Italy.


1996  Fine Arts Institute, Diploma of Art teacher in ceramic art, A. Venturi” Modena, Italy. 

2001 Master’s Degree in Visual Arts, Academy Fine Art,  Bologna, Italy, in the classes of: Franco Marrocco (Artist and Director of Brera Academy Fine Art, Milan, Italy).


Samanta Malavasi is an Italian visual artist known for her innovative exploration of layered monochromatic structures achieved through the imprinting of paint onto various materials. Her work manifests as abstract compositions across a spectrum of surfaces, including plexiglass, PVC, and canvas.

As an artist, she maintains a dedicated commitment to material experimentation and the constant evolution of studio techniques, thereby redefining the essence of painting. Through the stratification of paint layers and the construction of foundational structures, her artworks give rise to intricate, interwoven patterns. These forms continuously evolve, evoking a perpetual state of growth and transformation.

The resultant effect is one of organic intricacy, where each line adapts to its environment, resembling the evolution of a living organism. The application of monochromatic palettes imparts a sense of purity and intimacy, as if the artworks themselves possess introspective qualities.

Each piece boasts a heightened tactile quality, adding depth and complexity, thus further accentuating the sense of organic materiality and beckoning viewers to engage in closer examination. Her medium and large-scale creations wholly envelop the surface, immersing and disconnecting the observer from reality.

Guided by her distinctive approach by imprinting paint on the surface of the material, Samanta’s works appear to capture a single moment in time, as if suspended within an enduring process of change and evolution.”

“Everything is layered. The beauty of time and impermanence are possibilities for newness.”

The Berlin-based Italian artist Samanta Malavasi began her artistic journey as an author and illustrator of children’s books, publishing in several countries.


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