“I’m transparent, I want to see beyond what I’m looking at.”

Samanta Malavasi


Samanta Malavasi was born in Carpi (MO), Italy. 

She lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

1996  High school Diploma in Ceramics, Art Institute, A. Venturi” Modena, Italy. 

2001  Master Degree in Visual Arts, Accademy Fine Art,  Bologna, Italy.


Samantha’s work is an invitation to look at the future (represented by the use of modern artificial material, and clean lines and shapes), while being conscious the past, and all its teachings (represented by the organic “roots” design), without forgetting the power in the clear consciousness of the present moment, (represented by the use of the trichromatic white-black-red, powerful and symbolically charge chromatic combination since the beginning of time)