“I’m transparent, I want to see beyond what I’m looking at.”

Samanta Malavasi

Samanta Malavasi was born in Carpi (MO), Italy.
She lives and works between Italy/Germany.
In 1996 she obtained her High School Diploma at the State Institute for Art “A. Venturi” in Modena with a specialization in Ceramics.
She graduated in 2001 with a Master Degree in Painting, Bologna, Italy.


I’m focusing on concepts such as humanity and, ultimately, transparency on going beyond appearances to establish new relationships.
With my Abstract Imprints, investigate the path of the individual in relation to others and his environment. Not least of all, I addressed the issue of how humanity make invisible it self to go unnoticed. Mine is a search for marks, colors and new materials..

My work stimulates reflection and, quite significantly, consists of transparent plexiglass or transparent PVC film. The transparent-works belong to an aspect of my focuses on the subjectivity of perception. I lay transparent backing as overlapping layers that create a narrative path.

With my works, I would like to direct our attention to the possibility to go beyond what we see and deepen our knowledge of what is around us to the bottom of our visual culture. I’m obsessed with the transparency of the emptiness around us.