“I’m transparent, I want to see beyond what I’m looking at.”

Samanta Malavasi

Samanta Malavasi was born in Carpi (MO), Italy.

She lives and works between Italy/Germany.

In 1996 she obtained her High School Diploma at the State Institute for Art “A. Venturi” in Modena with a specialization in Ceramics.
She graduated in 2001 with a Master Degree in Painting chair of Professor Franco Marrocco.
Since 2009 she has obtained many certifications in various courses of illustration and writing for publishing and she graduated as Atelierista at: “Reggio Children” in Reggio, Emilia Romagna, Italy.
Illustrator returned visual artist, Samanta Malavasi in 2015 after having published many books of illustration throughout Europe as a writer and illustrator, she returned to painting and installation in different form and ways.


Samanta’s language is the result of a deep introspection of the human soul.

The constant search for new transparent materials: plexiglass, pvc, plastic, allow her to see beyond the first viewe and search for the true self.

Her career began as an experimental illustrator in Europe’s extended editorial scene.

Having studied editorial illustration in Italy and Germany, Samanta’s style, initially heavily illustrative, where he elaborates a figurative and tonal painting that is linked to pop art has evolved into something far more abstract and expressive.
Above all, she is motivated by color, mark and composition allowing her to give form to the shadows of the human soul and at the same time capture the most intimate color.

With the gradual abandonment of figuration, after a short period of experience in pop art (2016-2018), he came to a rigorous and personal abstraction characterized by an alphabet made of color-sign imprints that combining in infinite variations comes to build the space of the work, symbolic representation of an inner spatial organization.

Importantly, however, when Samanta observes her environment, she first perceives the color of the people around her, searching for the expressions on their faces, the movements, the strength and weaknesses of their souls in order to bring out their essence in her works.

Samanta does not want to be defined, cataloged or chained to a style that is figurative or abstract.

She would like her work to be free from patterns, from time and from the judgment of the viewer, she would like to have the freedom to change her creative process and go beyond the predefined schemes, as she has always done in her life.
To understand Samanta’s painting we must look beyond what we see in front of us, whether figurative or abstract, read between the lines of transparency to discover what lies beyond the work.