Artist? illustrator? Who can give a clear definition of Art? The color was present
in all the phases of my life, the support changes but the color remains in all its forms, from the
tables invaded by strange animals and fairy-tale characters for reflective publishing
concept of going Beyond in my art and in life, beyond discrimination, in addition to colors,
for this use transparent supports such as pvc, or plexiglass, to give a dimension of
involvement of the work wherever it is, to go beyond the work itself and feel what it is
excites us.
I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna in painting,
I divide my time between children’s publishing, the concept of Seeing Beyond in art and in life
with works and installations around the world that have the common denominator
color and transparency.



2000 – June: Academy of Fine Arts; Bologna Italy. Installation of Arte Povera
2001 – July: Art Expo, collective art exhibition. Installation: “Between Nature and Artifice”, Betta Frigeri Contemporary Art, Sassuolo. (Mo) Italy.
2013 – April: Prize Italian Illustrators Annual, Venice 2013, Italy
2015 – May: project “8 boxes for 8 artists” for Podere Francesco Winery, group exhibition, European Photography in Reggio Emila, Italy.
2016 – September: ”Vedere Oltre” solo exhibition, Pienza, Fabbriceria della Cattedrale, Tuscany, Italy
2016 – October – “Art Project”,  group exhibition “Mentana Gallery” Florence, Tuscany , Italy.
2016 – December – “The charm of the Image” group exhibition, Merlino Art Gallery,Tuscany, Italy.
2017 – January – “Sign, Action, Matter” group exhibition, Merlino Art Gallery, Tuscany, Italy.
2017 – April – “The sweet life” International Art Expo, Flyer Art Gallery, Rome, Italy.
2017 – April -” The Art Ways” group exhibition, The Crypt Gallery, London, UK.
2017 – May – “Vedere Oltre”, Solo Exhibition, Oro Nero Creazioni, Modena , Italy.
2017 – June – “World Wide Art Show” group exhibition, Caelum Gallery, New York City.
2017 – September – “Black and White”, Solo Exhibition, Oro Nero Creazioni, Modena , Italy.
2017 – September – “Vedere Oltre”, Solo Exhibition, Green Go Kitchen, Sassuolo , Italy.
2018 – September – “Who are you today ?”, Solo Exhibition, Oro Nero Creazioni, Modena, Italy.
2018 – November – “See Beyond”, Solo Exhibition, Fabbrica del Vapore , of the “Think Pink days”, Milano, Italy.
2019 – February – “Art city  White night” , Market, Bologna, Italy.
2019 – April – “Design week”, Market, Milan, Italy.
2019 – “Design Week”, Mimade, Milan, Italy.
2019 – “Festa del racconto”, Alma Rules, Carpi, Italy.